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About I Climbed Croagh Patrick®

The journey of "I Climbed Croagh Patrick®" began in 1983 with the purchase of our first screen printing press where the original I Climbed Croagh Patrick® t-shirt was created.

Over the years this slogan and design have become synonymous with the official confirmation of accomplishment.

We are now delighted to bring our creation to a wider market by offering I Climbed Croagh Patrick® on our new website.



2010's - Current

1990's - 2000's


The business welcomes a new partner ushering in the generation of family-led operations. The company continues to grow and evolve, bringing exciting opportunities and expansions. 2021 saw the development of a new dedicated I Climbed Croagh Patrick online store to bring their products to all customers. 

New updated designs were created with developments and improvements to their product range. The company starts supplying their I Climbed Croagh Patrick® brand to a number of locations within the area.

I Climbed Croagh Patrick® and I Climbed the Reek™ were designed and created by the company's original founder on their first screen printing press.

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